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this website is:
“The Dissenting Press” that did so much to re-establish the freedoms which made Britain ‘Great’ when her people were oppressed by The Georgian Oligarchy (c.1750-1832) - reborn today for the same endeavour. this website is not:
For those who sit comfortably ‘accommodating’ today’s tyranny, for they are those who accommodated with Hitler so helped Hitler’s destruction of their people. This website is not for those who delight in being Nursed - not proper Britons at all.
this website is for:
Those robust ‘Englishmen’ who have always resisted when ‘government’ has become a tyranny - to return Britain to where governance was historically a matter of enablement of the good and disablement of those who sought to vaunt their private preference over others, because;
Government should En-Able Freedom so People may Help Themselves Never ‘Nurse’ the People to Dis-Able them - So Un-Able to achieve Their Own

So this site is for all those who hate the Socialist Tyranny and want to change it.

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The Showman

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This verse:
Filthy Britain

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What this website will do:

There will be a selection of “One-Liners” to tickle your fancy and for you to stick on your wall to discuss with your friends - all of which are derived logically from the journeys in ‘The Big Books’ so have absolute Euclidian proofs - they are not just bits of ideologal opinion tossed about at a whim.

There will be a new Alliterative Aphorism or Short Story for your entertainment which, like the freebies on cereal packets, you can collect. These grains are the speck of sand that seeds the Pearls of Wisdom. The ones that appear will be available in book form in due course.

The Showman will cry his wares so that you buy what he has to sell! Mr Midwinter will read you a new verse from his "Modern Britain" series written specially for this website - he does not mince words but his precedents are both Milton and Cobbett - and truth - who were far tougher than I when tyranny threatened the people.

Provide: In the three books above, the ideas and the words with which you may discover the truths of the disease, and its cause, that has built “The state we are in” to so catastrophically demolish our erstwhile ‘Greatness’, because;

My aim is to do what William Cobbett did in his magisterial “Political Register” the longest running private weekly newspaper ever - some 35 years. Cobbett told the people persecuted by the Georgian Oligarchy all the truths of their state yet always advocated ‘Return to the Constitutional ways of Freedom through Equality of Justice’ which had so splendidly been re-established from their Saxon beginnings in The Revolution of ‘The Constitution of 1688' that had made ‘Great’ Britain a constant wonder to the Western World - because the principles of Freedom which had brought us there were embedded in it.

Provide: A portal for the association of like minds because, as the great jurists of Cobbett’s time pronounced, “Re-volution is Right when a people is tyrannised”.

What You Can Do: Any of the material in this website I intend you to use - but pray do not clutch it to your bosom solely for your personal gain, for that is not why you came! - share it, acknowledging its author and source as a courtesy , so that William Cobbett may ride again to broadcast its message for the profit of all - because the business of returning England to her former ‘Greatness’ is our job because they will never do it - because it is they who are The Cage.

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